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Ensure the best care for your portfolio

Ensure the best care for your portfolio

Why Vesting Finance

As a specialist in the prevention and reduction of arrears, we facilitate your business’ financial vitality and growth ambitions. Flexible IT systems support you in all phases of the process, from customer acceptance to payment. The smart use of data makes us particularly successful and efficient, but the real difference is made by our 500 dedicated professionals.

We strengthen your team where necessary, advise or take your entire management (BPO), or parts of it off your hands. Customisation and quality assurance processes are important pillars of our service, and we have all the necessary certifications. Your portfolio is in safe, professional hands. The work we deliver is accurate and transparent, to you but also for your customers, and is solution oriented. So we also contribute to a positive brand experience.

Vesting Finance puts your challenges and goals front and centre

We examine payment behaviour and contribute to improvement. Together we work towards finding solutions to debt issues.

Maximum service for you and your customers

Whether that is for the purchase of your portfolio or to act as an extension of your own organisation, we offer the quality and security you are looking for.

Part of the Arrow Global group

Arrow Global is a leading purchaser and manager of debt portfolios. Arrow purchases portfolios from a variety of companies, such as retail banks, credit card and telecom companies. Approximately 1,400 people are employed by Arrow Global in the UK, Portugal, and the Benelux.

Customers are at the very heart of Arrow Global’s business. It believes that by putting the interests of its customers – those struggling with debt – first, they can also best serve the interests of creditors, its own business and people, and those of its investors, partners and society at large. It is constantly developing and evolving new and original ways to work with customers and to understand them better.

This way of working is a perfect match to that of Vesting Finance and the other Group members (Capquest, Whitestar, en Focum).

“Our vision is to be Europe's leading purchaser and manager of debt.” ~ Tom Drury, Group CEO, Arrow Global Group PLC

Its aim is to establish Arrow Global as the most respected, responsible, and innovative debt purchaser, leading the market in compliance, risk management and treating customers fairly.

Vesting Finance has found in Arrow Global a strategic partner who shares our ambitions. This enables us to invest in world class systems, processes and people to ensure we can continue to meet your specific needs. Now and in the future. 


Vesting Finance sponsors Stichting LEF

Proper money management is hard enough for adults but even more difficult for adolescents. They are constantly tempted to spend their money both online and offline. Money is becoming more abstract, purchasing goods on credit is a piece of cake, and young people have difficulty earning their money due high levels of unemployment. Talking about money is taboo, and many young people lack the skills they need in order to be financially self-reliant.

Together with the financial industry, the LEF foundation has developed a strong financial empowerment curriculum. Education is of course the central goal. LEF has been developed exclusively for ROC students, because they in particular face the opportunities and risks that come with money, often for the first time in their lives.

Vesting Finance supports Stichting LEF both financially and by providing guest lecturers in the classrooms. Would you like to contribute? LEF can always use your help!

Risk management and assurance

Quality assurance and reliability are the cornerstones of our organisation. We are proud to tell you more about our certifications.

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How can we help you?

Would you like to know more about our services and how they can benefit your organisation?

Please contact us!