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29/12/2016 - news

Purchase of RNHB by Vesting Finance finalised

The deal to acquire RNHB from FGH Real Estate Bank was signed by all parties yesterday, following the decision to buy proposed in September this year.

A consortium of investors, including Vesting Finance, are now the new legal owners of RNHB, the provider of financing for investment property. With the purchase of RNHB, Vesting Finance has taken great strides in realising its ambition to grow as servicing partner for national and international lenders.

Not only does the acquisition ensure the continuation of RNHB operations, the parties also strive to further grow RNHB in its current markets. The acquisition of the entire entity, including all employees, offers RNHB the opportunity to offer new mortgage loans to new and existing clients.

For more information about RNHB services, please call: 030-755 20 00. For more information about the acquisition, please call: 035-79 99 100 or e-mail to

About RNHB

RNHB Hypotheekbank is a highly experienced specialist in the financing of investment properties, with knowledge of the national, regional and local property market. They provide loans for small-scale commercial real estate and properties intended for rental or re-sale. RNHB offers customised solutions for the mid section of the property market and has both credit, real estate and architectural knowledge.

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