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01/04/2016 - news

Vesting Finance and Focum become part of Arrow Global

PERSBERICHT - Op 1 april 2016 heeft Arrow Global Group PLC de acquisitie van InVesting aangekondigd.

InVesting consisting of Vesting Finance and Focum, is the largest credit management and financial servicing company in the Netherlands and Belgium and will be taken over from HAL Investments BV. The final closing of the acquisition, which is subject to AFM approval, is expected in the second quarter of 2016.

Arrow Global Group Plc

Arrow Global Group is a British listed company which operates internationally in the field of financial servicing and credit management. Arrow Global will acquire 100% of the shares from the current shareholders; Vesting Finance and Focum will therefore become part of the Arrow Global Group. With the acquisition of InVesting, Arrow Global will develop into a truly European player with operations in the UK, Portugal, France and now also in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Growth Vesting Finance & Focum

Arrow Global believes in the future of Vesting Finance and Focum. The acquisition will give a major impetus to the strategic development of Vesting Finance and Focum in the Dutch and Belgian markets.

"We are confident that the acquisition by Arrow Global is a very positive development for our organisation." says Joost van Rens, CEO of InVesting. "We have become acquainted with Arrow Global's  management team in recent months and believe that Arrow Global is a very good strategic shareholder with resources to help grow Vesting Finance and Focum. This will allow us to invest more in the Dutch and Belgian market in the short term, enabling us to strengthen our position in the long term."

About Vesting Finance

Vesting Finance is a market leader in the field of credit management and financial servicing and manages debt portfolios for itself and for others. The total value of the portfolios Vesting Finance manages amounts to approximately € 3.7 billion. Vesting Finance provides financial vitality and growth of enterprises, and specialises in the prevention and reduction of payment arrears. 500 Professionals, assisted by flexible IT systems, support in all phases of the process. from customer acceptance to payment. The smart use of data makes Vesting Finance particularly successful and efficient.

About Focum

Focum is one of the market leaders in the field of data and risk management. In recent years we have grown into a company that offers various solutions in the field of marketing, customer management, risk-taking and credit. We offer intelligent and innovative solutions that help companies get the most value from their customer relationships.

Our experts help leading companies to reach and accept the right customers. We also advise in marketing intelligence, data quality and collection management.

About Arrow Global

Arrow Global Group Plc is one of Europe's largest and fastest growing providers of debt purchase and receivables management solutions. It purchases customer accounts from a range of businesses, including retail banks, credit card and telecommunications companies. It owns and manages portfolios with an aggregate face value at the time of purchase of GBP19.1 billion, including GBP15.3 billion of purchased loan portfolios.

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