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The best care for your loan portfolio

Acceptance to payment

When servicing loan portfolios, decisive action is crucial. Whether it involves consumer, business or mortgage loans.

You are looking for a partner who has all the necessary knowledge and experience, and operates as an extension of your organisation. A reliable partner that provides full servicing of your portfolio with maximum service and transparency for you and your customers.

Vesting Finance has the same ideas about service quality as we do.
  1. Acceptance

    To prevent excessive lending and fraud, careful customer acceptance is important. We collect and review all the necessary documents and take care of the entire process for you.

  2. Primary servicing

    Our specialists have extensive experience in consumer, business and mortgage loans. They have thorough knowledge of complex financial products and processes. Our employees meet all the requirements, as imposed by authorities such as Wft.

  3. Special servicing

    Special servicing aims to identify arrears on loans as soon as possible, restore and minimise any losses. We do this through a personal, targeted approach tailored to the risk profile.

  4. Collections

    Our specialists have extensive experience in socially responsible settlement of loans and also have thorough knowledge of mortgage and lien, execution law, bankruptcy law and WSNP.

  5. Back up servicing

    If your current provider is unable to meet the delivery terms made, for example due to bankruptcy, it is important to have a solid back up servicer.


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They know the laws and guidelines like no other, possess all the relevant certifications and are familiar with the tone of voice that works in your industry