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Careful collection of residual debt

Upon termination of the contract we take care of your debt management for the remaining debt. We take the processing of files completely out of your hands; for amicable and legal collections and debt surveillance.

  • Online transparancy
  • Extensive experience with collecting outstanding debt
  • Member of NVI

We have years of experience in processing large volumes of payment data. We therefore know exactly how we should organise the process to get you the best results. We utilise several automated and personalised communication tools. If required, we personally visit your debtor and assess their financial situation. 

We work according to SLAs, so you always know where you stand.

Legal process

Are you unable to collect the outstanding amount amicably? Then you can rely on the expertise of our legal department. This department will advise on the feasibility and the cost risk of a possible lawsuit. If you opt to start a judicial process, we'll take it, if so desired, completely out of your hands.

Debt Monitoring

We continue to monitor the situation in the event that we aren't able to recover the outstanding debt. The debtor's situation may change in your favour in the future.

How can we help you?

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Our professionals are specialised in your field

They know the laws and guidelines like no other, possess all the relevant certifications and are familiar with the tone of voice that works in your industry