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Special servicing

Identify and recover arrears

Special servicing aims to identify arrears on loans as quickly as possible, to restore (recovery) and limit any losses. We do this through a personal and targeted approach, tailored to risk profiles and feasibility.

  • Sleek processes
  • Early detection
  • Flexible use of collection resources

Important elements that contribute to the success are home visits to those struggling with debt and sleek processes, combined with flexible deployment of collection resources. We use preventive methods for early identification and prevention of arrears, and special management to reduce backlogs.

Collection of the remaining debt

Upon termination of the contract we take care of your debt management for the remaining debt. We take the processing of the files completely out of your hands.

Corporate social responsibility

Our specialists have extensive experience in socially responsible settlement of loans and also have thorough knowledge of laws regarding mortgages and lien, execution law, bankruptcy law and Dutch debt restructuring laws. They are assisted by subject-lawyers, credit counselors for financial restructuring, real estate specialists and budget coaches.

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