‘Building better financial futures’

We stand for a better financial future for all, focusing on a continuous balance between the interests of our clients, their customers and our societal stakeholders. Our aim is to be the best credit management organisation in the Netherlands where our teams make the difference with their specialized expertise. Together, we go for a better digital financial society. In addition, we stand for attractive employment with an entrepreneurial and inclusive culture.
Vesting finance hoofdkantoor

Our values

Our way of working is based on our cultural values, where responsibility and ethics are important to us. Our values characterize us as an organisation and ween courage and reward initiatives that contribute to the sustainability and success of our organisation.

We succeed together

We take responsibility and ensure positive results for both our clients, customers and colleagues. We work together and motivate each other.

We do the right thing

We do what we agree. We help our clients meet their payments on time and pay off debts in a timely and affordable manner. We dothis with empathy and responsibly.

We are trusted & valued

We have mutual trust with our customers; we see each other as individuals. We learn and change based on feedback from our customers. We take our responsibilities seriously. We set an example in our industry.

We are brave and creative

We are successful by focusing on positivity, flexibility and challenge. We share ideas and dare to lead. Take initiative to do things differently. When it comes to change and innovation, we use our expertise and data.

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