Complaint procedure

Our aim is to provide the best service possible. Your feedback is essential to this and of course we take complaints seriously.
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If you feel that we have not done something right or that you have not been served to your satisfaction, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team. They are ready to investigate and resolve your complaint so that you are satisfied and we can learn from it.

If our response or final position does not meet your expectations, you can submit your complaint to the Complaints Institute for Certified Debt Collection Services (KIGID) or the Financial Services Complaints Institute (Kifid).

Please let us know via the complaint form below, stating your file number. Within 5 working days you will receive a confirmation from us and we will give you an honest and clear answer to your complaint within 4 weeks. Should we not have an answer for you within 4 weeks, we will inform you.

You can submit your complaint by filling in the complaint form below, indicating your file number. Once we have received your complaint, we will contact you by telephone within 5 working days to discuss everything.

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As a member of the Dutch Association of Certified Debt Collectors (NVI), we adhere to the strict criteria of this quality mark. The Kifid supervises this. As an independent institute, the Kifid handles complaints between financial service providers and their clients. If you have a complaint about a financial product or service from us where our internal complaints procedure has not led to the desired result, you can submit your complaint to the Kifid within certain time limits.

For more information, visit www.kifid.nl. October 1, 2021, the Kifid also handles complaints about BKR registrations, and as of April 1, 2024, the NSA has the settlement of complaints under the Kifid.