You prefer to keep risky customers out. But how do you find out to what extent a (new) customer is a risk when it comes to payments? That is usually not so simple for many organizations. Vesting Finance provides companies and institutions, including large banking institutions, with all relevant information and advice regarding customer value and possible payment risks. For this we use both our own data and data from reputable partners.

A considered balance between risk and profit
Automated checks for fraud and creditworthiness
Made to measure
All relevant information and advice

Keep out fraud

Our advanced models, created on the basis of years of practical experience, not only determine the financial strength of companies, but also keep fraud out. This saves a lot of frustration and money. After all, you see the effect directly in the profitability of your organization.

Determine in advance how your customer may pay

Differentiate your customers based on creditworthiness advice. Check your customer's payment morality in advance and thus reduce risks. Online retailers use this to determine, for example, which payment options they want to offer their customers.

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