Debtor management

Accounts receivable management is an essential part of credit management. After all, invoices that are not paid on time deserve follow-up. With a letter, telephone contact, or even by Whatsapp or SMS. By tailoring the follow-up to the wishes of the client and constantly monitoring this process, you promote the payment process and save costs. Vesting Finance uses a customer-friendly and service-oriented approach, so that your clients also remain your clients.

Maintain control yourself, or hand it over
Save costs on software and employees
Your money in your account faster
Insight into all processes
Service-oriented approach

Transparent service

At Vesting Finance, transparency is key. Transparency towards your clients, but also towards you. Therefore, we always offer insight and control over the processes. Through our interactive dashboard you can see all actions and you can choose to perform certain actions yourself or to manage special clients yourself. The dashboard also helps you easily generate clear and up-to-date management information.

Made to measure

Because no two customers are the same, neither is our approach. Our skilled specialists have industry-specific knowledge, know the sales conditions and, thanks to years of experience and appropriate training, know how best to approach specific customers.

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