Amicable collection

Like almost every organization, you occasionally have to deal with invoices that are not paid or are paid late. Naturally, you want to collect these invoices as efficiently as possible. That is why you are looking for a party that handles your uncollectable invoices with care, can handle large volumes, can deliver customized solutions and achieves a high collection rate. Whether your customers are business or private customers. At the same time, you want to protect your good name and customer relationship, so high-quality service is also a requirement.

Focused on finding a solution without a legal process
Member of NSA
Flexible in collaboration form
Transparency for you and your customers
Easily generate management information

Extensive experience

As one of the largest credit management organizations in the country, we handle more than 400,000 files annually. We set up the processes and reports according to your wishes. Your working method and communication style are leading. Our own IT consultants ensure problem-free and secure data transfer.

According to the guidelines Act on Quality Collection Services (WKI)

Vesting Finance is a member of the Dutch Association of Certified Debt Collectors (NVI). We adhere at all times to the rules of conduct prescribed by the association. You and your clients can rely on the quality of our services and the socially responsible approach to our debt collection activities.

Our skilled collection staff always put the interests of your clients first and act in accordance with the code of conduct and criteria of the WKI (Wet Kwaliteit Incassodiensten) and and the NVI quality mark. The focus is always on finding an appropriate solution without the intervention of a judge.

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