Invoicing is an important element of your business operations, but not something you necessarily have to have in-house. After all, it's not what your company specializes in. More and more organizations are therefore choosing to outsource their invoicing to a specialist. Because they want to save costs or because they want to concentrate on their core business. Vesting Finance likes to take this work off your hands with customer-oriented invoicing.

Save on litigation costs
Always online insight
Paying your customers in a way they are comfortable with
Ability to handle incoming calls and payment processing

We can also take care of payment processing if you wish, so that you don't have to worry about it. Naturally, we work according to SEPA laws and regulations. If desired, ISAE 3402 certification is also possible.

Get to your account faster

Vesting Finance already sends about 3 million invoices annually for its clients. Because we invoice in the name of your organization and mention your bank details, your clients will not notice that Vesting Finance is the executor. Payments arrive directly on your own bank account, which means that you do not have to wait unnecessarily long for your money.


Every company has its own way of invoicing. Vesting Finance supports you in any way you want. For example, we can send your invoice by mail or digitally (DigiAccept). Or completely electronically, with e-Invoicing.

Wil je weten wat onze diensten voor jouw organisatie kunnen betekenen?

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