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Meticulous customer acceptance for consumer loans, mortgages and commercial real estate

Fraud prevention and gaining customer insights is essential in the client acceptance process. This needs to be done accurately and efficiently, and always comply with AFM regulations. Collecting and reviewing documents (such as pay slips, valuation reports, employers certificates, identity cards) and checking the most important databases is a painstaking and time consuming task, which also requires the necessary investment.

Customer Acceptance by Vesting Finance means:

  • Acceptance of various forms of credit with high 'Straight through’ processing in accordance with AFM regulation
  • Fulfilling your duty of care requirements
  • Flexibility on desired business rules
  • Cost saving on staff and systems
  • BKR, EVA, VIS and other smart data applications

Customer acceptance by Vesting Finance

We act as an extension of your own organisation and provide customised services based on SLA’s.

We can also manage the day to day loan operation that takes place after acceptance, so you only have to deal with one party. Together we ensure clients have a positive brand experience.

How can we help you?

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Our professionals are specialised in your field

They know the laws and guidelines like no other, possess all the relevant certifications and are familiar with the tone of voice that works in your industry